The W8Loss2Go web application allows you to reduce amounts you eat at meals in small steps, so you can lose weight and not miss the food. It does so with whatever foods you typically have at meals, not some special diet. You will need a food scale, preferably digital, which you can purchase on for $6-10, and a body scale, which you also can purchase there for $10-15. The W8Loss2Go web application runs on PC, Mac, Android and iPhone browsers.

Before you start using the web app to gradually reduce your amounts at meals, make sure you have totally stopped snacking, including problem foods, for the entire day. Otherwise, when your meal amounts are reduced, you may just snack more between meals (seesaw effect).

Go to

If you’ve not yet registered, click/tap “Register” on the Web App Home Page. Once you’ve registered, go back to the web app home screen and login with your username, which is your email address, and your password.

Click/tap “WEIGH-IN.”  Weigh yourself on your body scale and enter your weight in the web app form. Do this every day, once a day.

Weigh and record your usual amount of every food you serve yourself at every meal. Here’s how:

  1. Click/tap “FOOD LIST.”  This is where you weigh and gradually reduce your food amounts at meals
  2. At your next meal, click/tap “NEW FOOD.” Type the name of the food. Record only single food items, like “chicken”, “rice”, “bacon”, or “eggs”, not dual items like “chicken and rice” or “bacon and eggs.”
  3. Weigh/record with your food scale and take a photo with your camera the typical amount of each food item that you serve yourself for the meal.  
  4. If you’re using a plate or dish, use the Tare button on the food scale to first zero out the weight of the dish, then add the food item. The scale displayed weight will thus be only the weight of the food.
  5. You also can use the Tare button to weigh and record multiple food items served at a meal, one after another, without removing previously weighed foods from your dish. Once you’ve weighed, recorded, and taken the photo of a food item, tap the Tare button on the scale. The weight of that food, as well as the weight of the dish, will be zeroed out. Then, add the next food item for that meal to the dish. Only the weight of that new food item will show on the scale display.  Repeat this process for each food you add to your dish for your meal. Then you’re ready to eat.
  6. Repeat this process for every meal you eat from now on.
  7. Once a food that you previously recorded is served at a subsequent meal, the web app will start reducing that food amount by 2% per week, if your body weight is not decreasing by at least 1 lb. per week. If you’re in a group program, the reduction percent will be set by the mentor of your group. Keep recording your body weight daily in the web app.
  8. At each meal thereafter, go to your food list in the web app to see your current amount for each food you’re having at that meal. Weigh-out the amounts of foods that you’re having at that meal, per the amount for the food shown on your list. If a food at a meal is not yet on your list, click/tap “New Food” and weigh/record and photograph the typical amount you take of the new food.
  9. If your body weight is decreasing by at least 1 lb. per week, the web app will hold your amounts at the current level. If your body weight stops decreasing by at least 1 lb. per week, the web app will once again reduce your served amounts by 2% per week until your weight starts going down again 1 lb. per week.
  10. Just relax and let the web app control the amounts that you’re eating at meal. If you don’t think about it, you won’t miss the food and you’ll lose lots of weight, as long as you don’t start snacking again.