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Qty: OVERWEIGHT - What Kids Say, $7.95 ea.
downloadable PDF eBook by Robert A. Pretlow, MD, MSEE, FAAP
The PDF book is 6 Mb in size and requires about 30-60 seconds to download with high-speed Internet
access and about 30-60 min at dialup modem speed.
If you are 18 years of age or younger, you may downlod the book for free here
Qty: eScale, cabled version, 450 lbs/200 kgs capacity, $122.50 ea.
Qty: eScale, wireless Bluetooth version, 500 lbs/250 kgs capacity, $225.00 ea.
Qty: USB Bluetooth Tranceiver, required for wireless Bluetooth scales if your computer does not have built-in Bluetooth, $15.00 ea.
Qty: Free Pedometers (2 free per each eScale purchased)
Qty: Pedometer, $12.00 ea.
Qty: eScale cable, for serial port connection, $10.00 ea.
Qty: eScale cable, for USB port connection, $20.00 ea.
Qty: Serial port extension cable*, 6ft, gray, $6.00 ea.
Qty: USB extension cable*, 6ft, black, $3.00 ea.
Qty: eScale floor plate (for use on shag carpet), $12.00 ea.
Shipping:  ($9 per scale, $2 per cable, $2 per floor plate, $2 per USB BT Transceiver)
Tax:    (may be added during checkout depending on location)
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 *Note: The optional extension cables add an additional 6 feet to the required either serial port cable or USB cable.
 **Money back guarantee if not satisfied - items must be returned within 30 days, in good condition with all parts and in original packing box.  

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