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Wanted: Thirty (30) overweight youth, ages 10-20, for a four (4) month pilot study to start May 17, 2014 to test a new iPhone weight loss app.  This is our third study.  The app utilizes an innovative approach to enable you to:

1) halt your food cravings
2) stop your urges to snack between meals
3) reduce your food amounts at meals, in small steps, so you donít miss the food

This app DOES NOT use a diet or exercise approach for weight loss.

The app was designed by Dr. Robert Pretlow, a pediatrician and childhood obesity specialist, in Seattle, WA.  Dr. Pretlow has published a book about what's really behind the childhood obesity epidemic, as well as obesity journal articles.  He speaks frequently at obesity conferences worldwide, most recently presenting in Liverpool, UK and was featured on an ABC News story about the W8Loss2Go app. 

REQUIREMENTS TO PARTICIPATE in this study include:
1. You must be between 10 and 20 years of age.
2. You must be overweight.
3. You must have a committed desire to lose at least one (1) pound per week.
4. Minors must have parental approval to participate.
5. You must have your health care providerís approval to be in the study prior to acceptance.

If accepted into the study, you will be lent an iPhone 4S for the duration of the study (Android phones will not work). You will receive compensation of $50 per month, if you satisfy all requirements of the study.

1. Attend four (4) GROUP MEETINGS at Northwest University, Kirkland, WA:
Initial meeting (May 17th, 4-hours), two mid-study meetings (June 14th and July 26th, 2 hours each), and the final meeting (Sept. 6th, 2 hours).
a. Weigh-in (a special wireless scale connected to the app will be lent to you for the study period).
b. Check-in and enter data on panels: problem foods, snacking, food amounts
c. Weigh all foods at every meal (a special wireless food scale connected to the app will be lent to you)
d. Respond to mentor/investigator app messages or voice messaging system within 24 hours.
3. WEEKLY telephone appointments with investigators (Approximately 15 min. each).
5. PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT is encouraged but not required. Parents will be sent weekly eRoom messages from investigators regarding their childís participation in the study.

Investigators will monitor participant weight loss progress and offer support and encouragement but WILL NOT OFFER SPECIFIC INDIVIDUAL OR MEDICAL ADVICE.  This study has been approved by the Northwest University Human Subjects Review Board.  If you have any further questions, please call 206.790.1673.

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